My Favorite Jazz Anecdotes

After the All About Jazz on-line article came out on November 1, 2021, in response to the question, “Do You Have A Favorite Jazz Anecdote?”, I’ve since developed an additional twenty-four (24) stories, following a familiar theme, recounting some wonderful Jazz experiences that couldn’t be included due to word count limitations. For your reading pleasure, I’d like to share with you. Hope you enjoy . . .

• “The Cookers
• “Satchmo
• “Duke
• “Dizzy
• “Bird
• “Miles
• “Trane
• “Monk
• “Count
• “Lady Day
• “Boss Guitar
• “In The Pocket
• “Fly Me To The Moon
• “Wind Beneath My Wings
• “The Windy City
• “The Young Lions
• “A Drums Vibe
• “Full House
• “The Big Apple
• “Great Jazz Trio
• “All In The Family
• “Collectively Monk
• “To Whom Much Is Given
• “Trane Revisited
• “Played Twice