Synopsis: Enjoy this eclectic collection of 33 essays on race, politics, culture, sports, Jazz, and the Black Family, written over the past 30 years. Taken directly from yesterday’s and today’s headlines, these riveting, enlightening, thought provoking, intellectually stimulating, interesting, and heartwarming perspectives, viewpoints, and opinions will challenge many of your preconceptions and understandings. Fasten your seatbelts! (172 pages) Synopsis: With bated breath and unrestrained anticipation, slowly sift through this collection of 10 writings from the heart, no pun intended, on love, relationships, and romance, going back more than 20 years. Yes, times have changed, but people are still dealing with the same issues when it comes to love, or ‘luv’! These writings are one’s attempt to represent and keep it real in the new millennium – no holds barred, yet keep it romantic and respectful, in a gentlemanly kind of way. Chivalry’s not dead, it’s just… (48 pages)

Synopsis: Cherish a son’s loving, heartwarming, and moving tribute to his wonderful parents on the momentous, festive, and historic occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. Living out of town and not involved in the extensive planning of this celebration by his six siblings, and not wanting to show up empty-handed, this enumeration of 25 ‘parental qualities that make for a happy childhood’, conceived just five days before the event (after work), is a son’s special contribution. Grab a handkerchief… for laughing too hard or for crying out loud! (32 pages)

Synopsis: A nostalgic look back at Detroit – a thriving, hustling, bustling yet racially, politically, and economically segregated northern city – between 1960 and 1974, as seen through the eyes of a young Black boy during his formative years. All the fun times will be recounted: kids ‘rippin’ & runnin’ up and down the streets, neighbors looking out for each other, Detroit Tigers’ Bat Day at Tiger Stadium and Piston’s Ball night at Cobo Arena, Free Press paper route, J.L. Hudson’s Thanksgiving parade, as well as the Big Four police units and post-riot white flight to suburbs. A great look back, indeed!!! (200 Pages) Synopsis: The wonderful theatre-going experiences of a ‘Black Theatre’ patron of the arts during the 2016-17 season in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore (Maryland), and Northern Virginia metropolitan area (‘DMV’). The 128 plays, musicals, dance, choir, ballet, opera, and Jazz big band performance taken in, mostly all with Black or Afro-centric themes, performers, playwrights, and/or productions, provide the rare opportunity “to tell our stories of the Black experience in America!” Insightful and interesting reading throughout!!! (176 Pages) Synopsis: The exciting (ad)ventures of a serious Jazz enthusiast whose passion (or obsession) took him up I-95 north from Baltimore to New York City practically every weekend, a 200-mile, 3-hour trip, over a two and a half year period, to enjoy the beautiful, swinging, and bebopping sounds of America’s original classical music, with forefathers bearing the names of Armstrong, Ellington, Parker, Gillespie, Davis, Coltrane, and Monk … Jazz! Oh yeah, after seeing four sets (shows) at different venues, he’d then turn around and head back to Baltimore. Digest each evening’s itinerary, Jazz artists, and most memorable moments, nearly 500 Jazz performances later!!! (152 Pages) Synopsis: A supplement to “Hey, I’ve Got New For You!” (2016), this is a new collection of 60 thought-provoking and riveting essays, including 10 additional bonus offerings, on life: race, politics, culture, religion, upbringing, family, and Jazz.  Prompted by the current state of national affairs and of the human condition, as well as a reflection back on a wonderful life, these intellectually stimulating viewpoints and heartwarming perspectives will keep you both engrossed and smiling. Adjust the mirrors and lock the doors! (296 pages) Synopsis: In 2010, I had the good fortune of making 24 cross-country weekend trips to check out straightahead Jazz, my first passion, in New York City, all the while, living out the bi-coastal fantasy of a west coast ‘rocket scientist’ and an east coast ‘Jazz cat’! In this offering, the complete weekend itineraries are recounted (e.g., airports, shows, venues, plays, movies, restaurants, etc.) in order to re-capture the essence of a super fun weekend in NYC, the Jazz capital of the world. All in all, 226 performances were taken in – not bad!!! Perhaps you will wander off and daydream, pretending to share the table with me at the Jazz club – drinks on me this first set, of course! (44 pages) Synopsis: Come along for the ride as I share the monthly itineraries, including as many Jazz shows, plays, (mostly) independent films, and record store visits – ‘hitting for the cycle’ – as humanly possible, as well as a few comedy shows, over a two-year period (2007-08) while living in the S.F. Bay Area.  Since I basically saw S.F., San Jose, and Oakland as one ‘big city’, I quickly realized that it had so very much to offer arts-wise.  Enjoy! (60 pages) Synopsis: A combination of two previous books, “Break A Leg” and “Joie de Vivre”, this journal captures the day-by-day schedule of cultural activities, albeit theatrical plays & musicals, dance, Jazz, and independent film, enjoyed during the 2018-19 theatre season in the metropolitan ‘DMV’ area.  Realizing how the arts adds so much beauty, joy, and happiness to the quality of life, see how this ‘culture vulture’ circled round and round above, observing the offerings by various venues, before he went in and feasted royally…  It’s somewhat amazing and impressive that this patron of the arts was able to fit in so much in so little time! (40 pages) Synopsis: Enjoy this by-product of weekly family Zoom game nights, as a way to fellowship and stay in close touch during the COVID-19 pandemic, which asks family members to identify 230 familiar Black slang words or expressions (no vulgarity) after being provided a brief definition.  This book also displays the artistry, cleverness, and linguistic genius of Black folks, whose hipness and coolness are envied and often imitated, but seldom duplicated, by the masses.  Peace out!!! (36 pages) Synopsis: Enjoy this collection of all 52 new Cobb Family Zoom fun and trivial games borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a way to keep in touch with close-knit family members since the U.S. had officially shut down in mid-March 2020 (weeks prior to the Easter holiday), weekly Zoom gatherings were suggested. Well, Cobb family members, including siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, old family friends, and newly-adopted family members, have been playing games ever since, with topics covering: music, sports, TV, movies, landmarks, cars, comedy, dance, celebrities, math, language arts, sage advice, household products, classic TV game shows, and memorable board games. Yes, a family that plays together stays together! It’s been a real blast!!! (144 pages) FavoriteSynopsis: Enjoy this collection of twenty-five (25) Jazz anecdotes, 24 of which were developed after the November 2021 All About Jazz on-line article featuring Kenneth Cobb, bestowing him the honor of its latest “Jazz Super Fan.”  His initial foray into this territory was in response to the question, “Do You Have A Favorite Jazz Anecdote?”  Man, did he???  Stay riveted to your seats as he recalls details and experiences from his many travels throughout the country, be it during business travel, work day, vacation, family reunions, hosting family, dentists’ appointments, etc., along with the obstacles and challenges presented along the way, all with the primary objective of attending unforgettable Jazz concerts.  Indeed, wonderful stories to be shared . . . (96 pages) Synopsis: As President of the Huguely Family Reunion for two terms (2014-18), I edited and produced the annual newsletter, which captures highlights, accomplishments, and achievements of Huguely family members throughout the year.  The Huguely Family Reunion traces back to the family patriarch and matriarch, Matthew Huguely (b. 1829) and Amie Keene (b. 1830), respectively, in Madison County, Kentucky.  I am a proud 5th generation Huguely!  In summer 2019, the Huguely Reunion will celebrate its 65th anniversary.  In 2018, with a different twist, I designed and formatted the annual newsletter as a newspaper, reminiscent of historical Black publications: Amsterdam News, Pittsburgh Courier, Michigan Chronicle, Baltimore Afro, etc.  Enjoy catching up on the news!!!  (20 pages)